Out of this world. This pretty much sums up our opinions on these Playmobil Space Toys. My daughter was lucky enough to receive all three last Christmas from both my husband and I and from other relatives.

Out of this World - Space from Playmobil
I am not sure where exactly to begin as there are so many cool features of these three sets. Well first all, they connect, and I don’t just mean that you can play with them together, the literally connect, shuttle on to rocket and meteor destroyer fits in to the rocket. Which is amazing and adds to the fun, if you were you get the sets in sequence each tin you got a new set it would create a brand new you from the older one too.

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Out of this world - Playmobil Space Toys - full set of three toys

As you can see from the photos the sets all together looks very impressive. There is so much packed in to the sets; engineers (really happy to see that one of the is a women, as well as one of the astronauts!), robots, laptops and tools, and even a whole moving platform to allow our clever engineers access to the whole rocket and shuttle!

Out of this world - Playmobil Space Toys - engineer platform

The rocket has a countdown sequence and both the rocket and shuttle have lights on them which are fantastic, the reflection of the lights for take off look like flames. The meteor destroyer also has darts which shoot out and hit the meteor, which has been no end of fun for my daughter and she has already developed quite and aim!

Out of this world - Playmobil Space Toys - Shuttle

The astronauts figures are amazing,the detail is incredible even including the pipes etc. And again, I am so happy to see that one of the astronauts is a woman. It’s great for my space obsessed four year old to see herself flying the rockets and building the rockets – it’s so important she can see herself doing these things, and it’s really fanning the flames of her dream to be an astronaut when she grows up.

Out of this world - Playmobil Space Toys - Female characters

Since we opened these sets on Christmas Day I have lost count of the amount of times we have bravely saved the Earth from an asteroid, or visited Haumea (My daughter’s favourite dwarf planet!) I think that these Playmobil Space Toys are the perfect STEM toys for children. And they are a really fun way to learn about space exploration!

Out of this world - Playmobil Space Toys - Shuttle Inside

This is our first jump in to the world of Playmobil and I have to say I am so impressed. We have already added to our Playmonil world, and my daughter really loves the Playmobil surprise bags and spends most of her pocket money on them.

Out of this world - Playmobil Space Toys - Lift Off!

These are the three sets we have which creates the amazing, and rather large, spaceship
Rocket*- This comes with flashing lights and sounds for take off
Shuttle* – which comes with an illuminated cargo area
Meteor destroyer* – which comes with a destroyable meteor and four ‘cannons’

Out of this world - Playmobil Space Toys - Meteor Destroyer

I have no doubt that each of these sets separately would be a great deal of fun too. If you are looking for a new Playmobil set I would definitely recommend any and all of these three. The detail is incredible, from the shuttle and rocket right down to the robot and laptops.

Out of this world - Playmobil Space Toys - Robot

Pricewise I was really impressed, my mum picked up the meteor destroyer during a sale and it was only £12. And I was impressed that the rocket contains so much and is so large once it’s is constructed, considering it was £35 which as far as I am concerned is a absolute bargain. The shuttle was also a great deal at £24. (I know how much the sets were as I coordinated who was getting what so we didn’t get duplicates!)

Each of these Playmobil Space Toys get 10/10 from us!

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Out of this world! - Space toys from Playmobil

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