As you may have noticed, as I have mentioned it a few times, Boo and her daddy go Ice Skating on a Saturday morning and we recently bought her a pair of ice skates. You can see how excited she was to get them here. After a bit of research we decided on these ones for a number of reasons. So if your little one is a fan of ice skating and you are looking for a pair of skates for them here is my SFR Eclipse Lights Ice Skates Review.

SFR Eclipse Lights Ice Skates Review

First and most importantly we chose them because they have flashing lights on the heels, because let face it, EVERYTHING is better with flashing lights… I always wanted shoes with flashing lights as a child (and still would if I could get away with them now). The SFR Eclipse Lights Ice Skates are available in White/Pink and Black/Red. There are also SFR Eclipse Ice Skates available in Black/White and White/Silver without the lights.

SFR Eclipse Lights Ice Skates Review - lights

We went for the White/Pink for Boo because she had seen someone with them a few weeks before we bought hers and she loved them enough to point them out to her daddy while they were skating  and I must confess I really prefer the White/Pink combo to the Black/Red.

SFR Eclipse Lights Ice Skates Review - Boo opening her ice skates

The SFR Eclipse Lights Ice Skates are adjustable through 4 sizes, so Boo’s are in the Small, which covers toddler sizes 8 – 11. These are technically a little big for Boo as she is just a 7 but I couldn’t find any ice skates for feet as small as hers (she clearly doesn’t take after me as I am a size 8). But with a thick pair of socks and thanks to the awesome amount of padding in the SFR Eclipse Lights Ice Skates they are great.

SFR Eclipse Lights Ice Skates Review - adjustable

The adjustments are easy to make, simply a case of clicking in a button on the side of the skate and pulling the skate apart or pushing it together and then checking that the lining/padding is straight on the inside. As I said, Boo is in the Small Size, which is 8-11, the SFR Eclipse Lights Ice Skates also come in Medium which covers 12 – 2 and Large which is 3 -6 (all of these are UK sizes).

As you can see from the photos, the SFR Eclipse Lights Ice Skates fasten with laces, velcro straps and those awesome clicky straps (technical term for you there) and don’t you just love the noise they make! My husband says that the skates are easy to get on and off a wriggly toddler who never sits still. And they seem great to skate in as we have had no complaints from Boo.

SFR Eclipse Lights Ice Skates Review - skates front

Boo has had them for a few weeks now, and they are fab, I can only hope that now we have a fab pair of ice skates for her that Boo doesn’t change her mind and decide she doesn’t want to go ice skating any more!

SFR Eclipse Lights Ice Skates Review - Boo testing out her skates

I am so glad we chose to buy the SFR Eclipse Lights Ice Skates for Boo. I would definitely recommend them as a first pair of ice skates for toddlers and younger children. The flashing coloured lights are awesome and the fact that they are adjustable over several sizes is a bonus when it comes to lasting power.

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SFR Eclipse Lights Ice Skates Review