One of the Christmas presents Boo received for Christmas was a Silver Cross Ranger Doll’s Pram (as shortly before Christmas her daddy stood on her old pram and broke it!) I loved the look of this pram when I saw it, the purple colour is lovely and I have to say, so far, we have not been disappointed!

Silver Cross Ranger Doll's Pram Review - sharing our thoughts on this wonderful doll's pram that my daughter got for Christmas

The pram comes with a small bag and the pram itself has lots of space in it (which Boo tested by insisting she take all three of her dolls out on walk with us) as well as the three dolls there was also room for several changes of clothes should they need it and half the wooden food for her kitchen.

Silver Cross Ranger Dolls Pram Review

The pram has an adjustable handle which means that it’s great for Boo as she is not very tall and it means it will last. It also means that if we are out for a walk and Boo decides she doesn’t want to walk with it anymore then if I push it right up as high as it will go I can push it and not have to bend to far – which is a bonus!

Silver Cross Ranger Dolls Pram Review 2

The pram doesn’t feel too heavy and it’s sturdy, the wheels are fixed in place which I think is better for Boo as she is now.  We have been out in the wet and the cold and the pram has been fine – the wheels are easy to wipe clean too.

It also goes super fast!

Silver Cross Ranger Dolls Pram Review 3

The little basket under the pram is great for storing little toys and things (Boo likes to hide some of her teddy bears in it, it will fit smaller things in it as it’s quite close to the base but I can’t see why it would need to be bigger than it is.  Especially as the pram comes with a matching bag which fits over the handle.

Silver Cross Ranger Dolls Pram Review 1

The colour is what drew me to this pram I have to admit.  I had seen another one by Silver Cross in a lovely light blue but when we saw it in the store it was the light blue and the navy and I wasn’t so keen.  So purple it was!

I found this pram for £24.99 and as far as I am concern this is a bargain. The size of the pram and the quality – along with the adjustable handle mean that it’s going to last a couple of year (unless we have some disaster!) and as much as Boo likes to play with the pram (and fill it with all of the rest of her toys) it’s great value for money!

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