My daughter love jewellery, well, she loves looking at the jewellery other people wear and she has really fallen in love with the locket that my mum always wears. Inside this locket are two photos, one of my daughter and one of my nephew – so that my mum can have her grandchildren with her all the time. My daughter loves opening the locket and seeing the treasures inside. So when Molly Brown got in touch and asked if my daughter would like to try something from their website, I headed over to look at their range of lockets first.

Silver Lulu Locket from Molly Brown Review - locket held in hand over a blue background
And what a beautiful collection of lockets they have… In fact, what a beautiful collection of jewellery they have. It is all simply stunning. I did spend ages browsing the Molly Brown website and wow!  They have so many gorgeous pieces of jewellery, it was actually really difficult to choose. As well as the lockets I also fell in love with the personalised birthstone bracelet, which are so beautiful too.

Molly Brown Silver Lulu Locket - Packaging

The locket I chose for my daughter is the Silver Lulu Locket Necklace, it comes complete with a lovely chain, which can be fastened in two places – meaning it’s perfect for whatever outfit my daughter is wearing. The fastening has a wonderful little charm featuring the Molly Brown logo, which so cute. There is also a small star charm on the locket too, my daughter loves this, she is currently very interested in space so she is in love with her ‘star locket’ as she calls it.

Molly Brown Silver Lulu Locket - in box

The locket itself is a circle shape, and there is even the option to have it engraved. We asked that my daughter’s name be engraved on her locket and it looks gorgeous. The locket itself feels really robust and it is standing up to my daughter wanting to open it every 3 or 4 seconds whenever she is wearing it. For my daughter, who is four, the locket is so exciting because it’s like she is carrying a little secret treasure with her, which she can chose to share with people.

Molly Brown Silver Lulu Locket - close up in box

She hasn’t decided yet, which photos she wants in her locket yet (the decision changes every time we ask her!) but I will be getting several photos printed off so that she can have photos of her favourite people in her special locket. I love the idea that she can have this special piece of jewellery and and it is something that is going to last for years to come. I intend to keep the photos that she changes out of the locket so that she can have a record of all the photos she wanted to keep in her very special locket.

Molly Brown Silver Lulu Locket - held in hand

I think that it is lovely for children to have special items to treasure and the Silver Lulu Locket is something which I know my daughter is going love forever. It’s absolutely gorgeous and the quality is amazing. If you are looking for an extra special present for a little girl then I would definitely recommend taking a look at the Molly Brown website.

Molly Brown Silver Lulu Locket - with a dress

We were sent a Silver Lulu Locket from Molly Brown for the purpose of this review, however all opinions and words are my own. 

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