My daughter is absolutely in love with Space, we have so many books about space and she wants to be an astronaut when she gets older. So when Geo Journey got in touch to ask if we would like to review one of their two kid’s subscription boxes I couldn’t wait to see what my daughter would make of the Space Journey.

Space Journey Kid's Subscription Box - Photo of an elliptical galaxy with white text
Geo Journey offers the chance to Travel Round the Globe or Blast into Space with Geo the Owl and Atlas the Puppy. Both are available with a options from monthly subscription, six monthly subscriptions and yearly subscriptions. You can check out the Geo Journey website for their full range of Kid’s Subscription Boxes.

We went for the Space Journey and I am so glad we did! The starter kit arrived and I was so impressed, that doesn’t even cover how amazed my daughter was with the incredible case and it’s contents.  The starter kit arrives in the most wonderful carry case, which is so well made and sturdy.

Space Journey - Starter Kit

Inside the case there is a wonderful letter from Atlas and Geo, a Mission Logbook, a Space Passport, a Boarding card and the Earth Mission Report, which includes some wonderful activities and some photos of Earth from space and a sheet of stickers for the Earth Mission entry in the Mission Logbook.

Space Journey - Mission Logbook

Also included was the most incredible poster which shows all of the planets in the solar system and the dwarf planet Pluto. My daughter was a little sad that her favourite dwarf planet Haumea didn’t make it on to the poster but she does still love the poster.

Space Journey - Starter Kit Poster

Once you have the amazing starter kit, each month for the next 9 months you child receives a mission pack which comes addressed to them. Each month they get stickers, photos, a letter, a mission report and a souvenir. My daughter has got her first misson pack for Mercury.

Space Journey - Mercury Mission Report

She was so happy with the photos and the letter and her space sunglasses. She loved filing in her Mission Logbook and the stickers were a big hit. She is so excited for next month. The letter from Geo and Atlas was so wonderful and had such a lot of detail.

Space Journey - Mission Pack Mercury

My daughter really does love the Space Journey Starter Kit and our first Mission Pack. I would definitely recommend it, the attention to detail that had gone in to the kit is incredible. And everything is such great quality, I am so impressed with the case which came with the Starter Kit.

Space Jounery Earth Mission Logbook

I would definitely recommend the Space Journey I think it would be the perfect present and would be a fantastic way to spread the present over a few months. It’s a great way for children to learn something wonderful and I imagine that the Geo Journey is just as fascinating.

Space journey starter kit - mission plan

Which do you like the sound of best? Geo Journey or Space Journey?

We received a Space Journey Starter Kit and 3 months subscription in return for an honest review. All opinions and words are my own. 

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