I remember how awkward that first ever bath was with Boo, it was a two (and a half – if you count Boo) person job to keep her in the water, wash her and dry her… we were lucky though after a few baths Boo decided that she loved baths and that made things a lot easier.  I think part of the reason why Boo loves getting a bath is the fact that she realised early on that it was part of a bigger calming-down-ready-for-night-time routine. In fact, Boo still loves getting a bath now, the more bubbles the better!

The benefits of baby massage

From the very early days (in that haze of constant wakings, cluster feeds) I wanted to get a routine in place in terms of bath and bedtime.  We had no other real routine during the day (I breastfed on demand so no routine there). Even now Boo still has a bath every day, with a massage, and a bedtime story before bed.  It really works for us.

Baby massage has been a integral part of that routine for us, and I would recommend to any new mums that they include baby massage as part of a bath time routine.  One of the first classes Boo and I attended was a baby massage course, I learnt, over the course of the weeks that followed (for the classes Boo actually decided to stay awake for) different massages for legs and feet, tummy, back, face and neck and arms. And over the course of those weeks Boo realised she loves being massaged. It’s really interesting to hear that baby massage can help with baby’s development too – I knew that it could help calm and relax baby, and also help with wind.

The benefits of baby massage 2

Boo suffered with colic and still suffers with acid reflux and baby massage helped a lot with calming and relaxing her.  Especially the tummy massage which is designed to help with wind.  I love the fact that when you use an oil, like JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil, massage is a real multi-sensory experience – I love the smell of JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil – it’s just something else isn’t it? It’s good to know that it locks in so much moisture and it does leave skin feeling so very soft.

There are so many benefits of regular massage, which may include; helping parent and baby to bond, reduce wind/digestive discomfort, help sleep and mood, (I always felt very relaxed after I give Boo a massage, it was just taking that time out, that pause which just helped to recharge me a little).   And, from my own personal experience as a first time mum, including baby massage part of our bath time routine every day made me feel a lot more confident handling my tiny baby!

Our bath time routine starts each night with us going upstairs to run Boo’s bath, she always gets so excited. Now that Boo is a bit older she helps wash herself – though when she was a tiny baby washing her was all part of the massage routine.  Using something like JOHNSON’S® TOP-TO-TOE® Baby Bath which is suitable for even delicate newborn skin adds an element of massage to the bath itself. JOHNSON’S® TOP-TO-TOE® Baby Bath has a lovely clean smell and even a little drop makes a rich lather.

The benefits of baby massage 1

I am really glad I went to that baby massage class when Boo was a tiny baby, and I am even more glad that we made baby massage a part of our bath time routine – I know that both Boo and I gained so much and it was such a fantastic bonding experience and all of those benefits really are amazing.

Is baby massage a part of your child bath time routine?

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