We are big fans of Orchard Toys and we have a fair few of their games and activities. One of our favourites has to be the Alphabet Flashcards which we were sent to review. My daughter and I have had endless fun with these are there are a wonderful array of games and activities you can do with them.

Alphabet Flashcards Review - Front of Box

The Alphabet Flashcards set costs £7.50 from the Orchard Toys website, which I think is very reasonable for a game with such longevity.  The set contains 26 doublesided flashcards, one side with the letter and a coloured border and the other side with an animal/object starting with that letter “Ant” is on the back of the “A” card for example. There is also a larger card which had the full alphabet on it (which comes with extra pieces which mean it can stand up.  On this larger card each of the letters of the alphabet is in a coloured square – which corresponds to the border on the smaller flashcard.

Alphabet Flashcards are for ages 3-7 so my daughter is on the younger end of the range. Though this hasn’t stopped us having loads of fun with them. We have spent lots of time, putting the flashcards in order, or thinking up other things that begin with the letters not just what is on the back of the card. Our favourite game has to be mixing the cards up and placing them letter side up and then turning them over one at a time and telling a story about the animals/things that pop up. Because every time the cards are in a different order we get a wonderful range of stories.

Alphabet Flashcards - all out of the box

The Orchard Toys website states that there are several learning benefits to the Alphabet Flashcards which including, encouraging discussion, promoting language and literacy skills, encouraging observational skills and developing social and personal skills. My daughter has known her letters for a while now but that hasn’t stopped us having lots of fun with the Alphabet Flashcards and I bet we will be having lots of fun with them for a long time to come!

What do you think of the Alphabet Flashcards? Do you have any of the Orchard Toys games?

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I was sent a box of Orchard Toys Flashcards for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and words are my own.