Boo has become a bit of a jigsaw fan since Christmas when she was lucky enough to get two Twirlywoos jigsaws as presents.  She got the Twirlywoos My First Puzzles and the Twirlywoos My First Floor Puzzle.  As she is a massive Twirlywoos fan (when she is watching the cartoon it’s the only time I get to sit and actually drink a hot cup of tea!) so I don’t need to tell you that these jigsaws were a hit.

Twirlywoos Jigsaws Review - sharing our thoughts on the Twirlywoos My First Puzzle and My First Floor Puzzles

Boo was so excited when she opened them we had to sit and do them right then! We have done these so many times in the last month – I think I am at the stage now where I could do them all with my eyes closed!

The Twirlywoos My First Puzzles are four separate puzzles – Great Big Hoo (2 pieces), Chickedy and Chick (3 pieces) Toodloo (4 pieces) and Peekaboo (5 pieces).  The familiar characters and the fact that each has it’s own bright, different coloured background means that not only are the puzzles easy to separate but they also look fab when done.

The My First Puzzles are suitable from 18 months and Boo, who had just turned two when she got these, could do them herself from the start, so I think the age range is right. Boo loves to do all of the four little puzzles and the line them up on the floor.

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The Twirlywoos My First Floor Puzzle is a 16 pieces large jigsaw that is for ages 2 plus.  It’s a clear, bright picture of the Twirlywoos and Peekaboo. It’s a a great puzzle and the green border on really helps with sorted out edge pieces from middle pieces.  Boo has the patience to do this one her own some days, but not others.

All of the puzzles are made with tough cardboard – as you can see they have already survived test nibbles in several places. The pieces are cut well and fit together nicely. They aren’t too tough to fit together and they don’t gape either.

Given the fact that Boo really loves the Twirlywoos and they jigsaws are really high quality, I have to say I am impressed and I would definitely recommend these for any little Twirlywoos fans.

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