I must admit I am always curious as to what is happening back it Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia and I do really miss living there are times… just the thought of Orthello Cake is enough to make me wish we could move back! So when I was asked by Swedish company TwistShake if I would like to review one of their baby bottles, my curiosity got the better of me and I just had to say yes.

Boo doesn’t drink from bottles, and never has done really – she wasn’t a fan of drinking expressed milk from a bottle and went straight on to sippy cups and sports type bottles for her water.  But now that I have a nephew, who is now nearly 7 months old, I knew he would be the perfect person to test out this bottle – or rather my brother and his wife would be.

TwistShake (1)

The TwistShake baby bottle arrived well packaged and I must admit I love the colours.  They are not like any baby bottles I have ever seen!  I think the blue is my favourite! I really liked the design of the bottle, so practical yet there is just something so wow! about it too.

The bottles come in four different colours, Green, Blue, Pink and Orange and each of the colours comes in 3 sizes; 180ml/6oz 260ml/9oz and 330ml/11oz.  The bottles are also anti-collic too.

Each of the TwistShake Baby bottle comes with a mixer net (to avoid clumps if you are using the bottles with formula) and an extra container too.  They are BPA free and ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip for both parent and child.

TwistShake Review 1

So here are my brother and his wife’s thoughts on the TwistShake.  They really loved the colour, something very different to the standard baby bottles.   The Anti Colic feature is not a full vent and as their son doesn’t have that issue they can’t really test that part out.

The only issue they had was that with the size of the bottle (330ml/110z) – it didn’t fit in their sterilizer – which would probably not have been an issue with the smaller sizes. The teat was a different shape to what baby is used too but he took to it fine.

It is really easy to clean and the container was big enough for the formula they needed and really useful – better than the other brands they had tried with containers.  Overall they thought the bottle was a great bottle and ‘really funky’ and it ticked all the boxes.

It sounds like the TwistShake is a great bottle, and personally I love the colours and the design! What do you think of how the TwistShake baby bottle looks?

Disclaimer: We were given a TwistShake bottle for the purpose of this review however all thoughts and opinions are are own.

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