I love taking photos, and Boo has always been interested, and she has had a couple of toy cameras and loved to pretend to take photos with them. So, for her 3rd Birthday my husband and I decided to get her a camera of her very own! After having a look about and reading a fair few reviews I chose the VTech KidiZoom Duo Camera. And I am so glad I did, Boo loves it and it’s amazing!

VTech KidiZoom Duo Camera Review

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The *VTech KidiZoom Duo Camera is available in Pink or Blue – I bought the Pink because my phone is pink and I take most of my photos on that and Boo likes to be ‘like mummy’ right now. It’s aimed at ages 3-9 and with how easy it is to use I think it’s the perfect camera for younger children. Boo is at the youngest end of the age range and she has had no issues using the camera (and even figured some things out quicker than mummy and daddy!) .

Boo's Photos December 2016 - Glasses

As you can guess from the name the VTech KidiZoom Duo has two cameras, front and back. It has a large colour display screen so you can either look through the two eyeholes or see what you are taking a photo of on screen. I think it’s great that there are two holes for their eyes as Boo doesn’t like to close one eye and look through things. The screen is 2.4 inches and decent quality. The photos that Boo has taken so far are still blurry, but I am sure she is going too get better with practice! Though it does take crisp clear photos especially in natural light.

VTech KidiZoom Camera and Case

The VTech KidiZoom Duo Camera is nice and light, and comes with a wrist strap and it’s survived it’s fair share of knocks and bumps since Boo opened it on her birthday. It needs 4 AA batteries, there are some batteries which are include but these are for ‘try me’ kind of purposes only. We bought Boo a *case for her camera, to protect it and so she can take it with her on her adventures and she loves that too. It’s a lightweight hardcase which has room for extra toddler essentials too!

VTech KidiZoom Duo Front

There is space available in the camera for a memory card, which is awesome as Boo loves to snap lots and lots of photos. You can see the photos she took in her first couple of weeks with the camera here. As you can see she has had loads of fun already! I can see the change in how she uses her camera, and the fact that she is choosing what to take photos of already – which is really lovely to see. She keeps testing out the different filters and photos editing bits on there too.

VTech KidiZoom Duo Camera Back and Screen

There is a 4x Zoom on the camera, which like the ‘take picture button’ is easy for little hands to reach and press as they are holding the camera. To be honest all of the buttons and menus on the VTech KidiZoom Duo Camera are intuitive and Boo picked them up really quickly. Spinning the ring around the lens of the camera changes the colour filters. And in the menu you can add overlays such as bubbles and stars to the photos you are taking.

Overall I am really pleased with the VTech KidiZoom Duo Camera, it made the perfect 3rd Birthday present and it’s already great value for money. And most importantly Boo loves it!.