My daughter is 4 years old and it seems like she is really interested in just about everything. Space, Unicorns, Dinosaurs and, most recently, Creepy Crawlies. So when I was asked if we would take a look at Spider World from My Living World I knew it was going to go down a treat.

Spider World from My Living World - Toy Review
I am really trying to nurture my daughter’s love of learning about the world. I think that the My Spider World Kit is a great tool to help with this. I love that the kit contains everything we need to keep a spider and feed it too.

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We managed to find a rather nice looking house spider (the booklet in the kit tells you all about the different types of spiders you are likely to find here in the UK and has lots of wonderful photos of them in there too). The booklet also gives brief instructions about how to best look after your spider too.

Spider World from My Living World - Toy Review - in the kit

Our house spider has been named ‘House’ by our daughter, which is a perfectly functional name, I suppose. He has been fed a steady diet of flies, which have been really easy to catch over the hotter weather. In fact our polytunnel has been an excellent way to attract and catch flies.

House seems very happy in his little tank with leaves and twigs and makes more and more webbing each time we check on him. My daughter and my nephew (who always checks in on House every time he visits) love watching House, especially when he catches the flies we find for him.

Spider World from My Living World - Toy Review - House's house

We have had House for nearly a month now, and my daughter is still interested in what he is doing. And we make sure he gets enough flies and water too. The kit is wonderful as it contains everything you need except for the leaves/twigs and of course the spiders and flies.

House is also bigger than when we caught him, no doubt down to our enthusiastic fly catching and he has already shed his skin (I am sure it is my mind playing tricks but he does look significantly bigger!)

Spider World from My Living World - Toy Review - shedding skin

All in all we love the Spider World toy and I would definitely recommend it to anyone whose child has an interest in spiders and creepy crawlies. There is a whole range of toys from My Living World and you can find Spider World and others toys in the range over on Amazon*.

We received a Spider World kit free of charge. All opinions and words are my own. 

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