My daughter has been ice skating most weekend since she was two years old. She loves going to the ice rink each week and she loves her ice skates. So when I saw that SFR have some Inline Skates similar to her Ice Skate I thought they would make an ideal birthday present.

SFR Camden Adjustable Inline Skates

I have reviewed my daughters SFR Ice Skates and you can see my full review here if you are looking for some ice skates for children, I would definitely recommend them. My daughter has already had lots of fun with her inline skates. I think they look really lovely too, the pink and white are really cute, though I am sure they won’t stay looking new for long!

SFR Camden Adjustable Inline Skates Review - Box

The SFR Camden Adjustable Inline Skates cover four shoe sizes which is great for younger children as their feet grow so fast. They are so easy to adjust, simply the click of a button and slide them to the correct size, (show on the photo below as A, B, C and D). As well as being easy to adjust my daughter says they are comfortable, just like her ice skates. You can see the details over on and see the rest of their range of inline and ice skates.

SFR Camden Adjustable Inline Skates Review - Close Up of the Wheels

The Inline Skates are really light too, which is perfect for younger children. She is very happy that she gets to practise her skating skills even when we can’t get to our local ice rink.

SFR Camden Adjustable Inline Skates Review - Images

I love that there are such great options for inline and ice skates from SFR. They are fantastic skates and they are available from with free next day delivery, which is perfect if you simply can’t wait.

We received a pair of SFR Camden Adjustable Inline Skates for the purpose of this review, however all opinions and words are my own.