It’s probably no surprise that with a four year old, slime is a bit hit in our house. We have attempted to create our own in the past and sadly it’s never really worked very well. So when I was asked if we would like to take a look at the So Slime DIY Case I said yes!

So Slime DIY Case - Review

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The So Slime DIY Case contains everything you need to create your own slime, lots and lots of it. So far we have created four different types of slime, and we have two colours left to create. With the contents of the set, it is incredible easy for your child to create their very own slime. And add glitter and surprises to it too. There were three neon and three metallic powders in our sets, which was great. My daughter preferred the neon colours as they were more vivid.

So Slime DIY Case - Review - case and contents

All it takes it adding the powder and some water to one of the shakers, and then shake, and air for a few minutes and you’re ready to play! My daughter did need a bit of help with shaking the shaker, but as she is only 4 and the set it aimed at 6 years and up I knew she would need close supervision and some help.

So Slime DIY Case - Review - slime powder

She was very happy to create the slime, and then mix the slime together so we ended up with a super blob of brown, glittery slime.

So Slime DIY Case - Review pink and green slime

The glitter was fun to add to the slime but did like to cover hands more than it liked to stay in the glitter, so for the later pots of slime we decided not to add glitter.

So Slime DIY Case - Review - creating the slime

We still have two more sachets of powder and some glitter to create more slime too which is great. I think that a few more sachets of slime powder and glitter as well as a few more of the surprises would be a good idea in this set, as after the slime has been created the little shaker/storage pots do look a little lost in the case.

So Slime DIY Case - Review - slime and case

The case itself it’s very pretty and sturdy and it’s been great for storing other glitter and craft supplies in, my daughter has been asking to create the rest of the slime, so I know she enjoyed creating the slime and playing with it the first time round.

So Slime DIY Case - Review glitter slime

There are also some stickers in the set, which can be used to decorate the So Slime case and the shaker pots.

So Slime DIY Case - Review - our slime

The So Slime DIY Case is one of a number of sets available as part of the So Slime range, at the time of writing it was priced at £14.99 on Amazon*, with other sets in the range also available.


We recieved a So Slime DIY Case for the purpose of this review, all opinions and words are my own.