Taking the whole family on a campervan trip is always a great way to create amazing memories and have some quality time together, but it can also be a little chaotic if you don’t abide by certain rules. Whilst you want to have a fun time and remember your trip for many years to come, you want it to be for all the right reasons, and these useful but simple rules are perfect for helping your family campervan trip run smoothly and safely, whilst still ensuring you all have a blast.

5 Top Tips for a Successful Campervan Holiday! Campervan on the road!

Plan the Journey

With so much technology around today, planning your routes ahead of time is a piece of cake. It doesn’t matter whether you have a sat-nav, iPhone, tablet or built-in assistance in the car, you can set your location and off you go. One thing that many people fail to do however, is plan the journey. It’s all well and good putting a postcode in and seeing your route form in front of you, but you need to be aware of the route you will be taking, where you can make stop offs and so on. By doing this, you can ensure there are plenty of toilet trips, snack stops and so on.

Bring Tasty Treats

It doesn’t matter how old the members in your family are, whether you have toddlers or teens, having some tasty treats on board is always going to keep a positive atmosphere. When travelling the open-road in your campervan, you can spend long periods of time in the vehicle without leaving, and in order to keep energy levels high you need to have some sweet snacks to enjoy. You’ll also find that stocking up on treats will help you to save some money too, as you won’t find yourself spending crazy service station prices for a small bar of Dairy Milk!

Split the Responsibilities

One of the benefits to travelling in a campervan is that you have everything you need for the whole family in one space, but just like at home, living under one roof can result in lots of mess and slight chaos. In order to keep things in order and have a pleasant trip, you need to split the chores and responsibilities equally so that everyone does their fair share in keeping the campervan neat and tidy. The best way to do this is to create a schedule, with people doing different things each day. This makes it fair and clear and nobody can moan that they’ve had to wash up two days in a row!

5 top tips for a successful Campervan Holiday - rainbow campervan

Pack Entertainment Options

The main reason for taking a campervan trip is to spend quality time with your family, and whilst the aim is to get out and about and do new things, you can’t rely on the weather always being on side, so you need to have entertainment options for when you’re spending time in the camper. With cosy campervan interiors and plenty of games, DVD’s and books, you can rest assured those rainy days will be spent sitting back and relaxing, spending quality time together and still making some great memories. Try to pack a selection of entertainment options to interest everyone in the family, that way you know everyone will have a fab time and get involved.

Document Those Memories

There’s nothing nicer than having a selection of thick photo albums filled to the brim with beautiful memories that you and your family have made together. Travelling in a campervan with your family is a fun, unique experience and one that should be documented! Whether that’s through photos, videos or a scrapbook, these memories are going to live with you forever so having plenty of lovely photos and souvenirs from the trip will make reminiscing in the future even more special.


This is a collaborative post written by Emma Blaylock