I have often said that I wish we lived nearer to the seaside, there is just something so magical about it. My husband feels the same – and coming from Denmark – where you are never really that far from the coast – it’s taken him a bit of getting used to living in the Midlands. So, while we were staying at Bluestone in Pembrokeshire, Wales – we took the opportunity to visit the wonderful town of Tenby and go to the beach.

A day out in Tenby - sharing our wonderful day out at the seaside during our holiday to Wales

We had a lovely day – even if the mist didn’t clear off the beach itself – we were very lucky as the weather was nice and warm and the sun broke through when we were walking around the shops in Tenby. It also meant I could half tick off at item on my Bucket List for this year – to take Boo to the seaside at least twice – so one down and one to go!

A day out at Tenby - Beach in the Mist

There was lots of parking and it was actually less than I was expecting to pay.  We headed to the beach first, walking along the top of the cliffs and we saw these wonderful houses.  I just love brightly coloured houses/hotels from seaside towns. A short walk later and we were at the beach. The mist was still really quite thick but it added a bit of a mysterious quality to the trip.

A day out in Tenby - raindbow houses

We played in the sand, we splashed in the waves and we hunted for lots of rocks and shells.

A day out in Tenby - rocks

It looks so cold in the photos but it was actually warm, and Boo asked to take her tights and wellies off so she could have a proper paddle.

A day out in Tenby - waiting for the waves

A day out in Tenby - paddling

When we left the beach we hunted for some lunch – we didn’t have to look far before we found a lovely fish and chip shop – it has to be fish and chips at the seaside doesn’t it. I can honestly say that they were the best fish and chips I have had in years. Incredible.  Boo loved hers and couldn’t eat it fast enough!

A day out in Tenby - fish and chips

We had a walk about the shops in the sunshine after lunch, Boo bought a red dragon teddy which she called Roar-ee – this little dragon now goes everywhere with her and it’s a lovely reminder of our holiday. We also managed to find lots of ice-cream shops and we had to have one of those too!

A day out in Tenby - ice cream

We really enjoyed our day out at Tenby – so if you are ever in the area, I would definitely recommend it. It was one of those perfect seaside trips – like I remember from my childhood – even though that was a seaside from across the other side of Britain.  Sunshine, paddling in the sea, collecting stones and shells and just a wonderful day.

A day out in Tenby - sharing our wonderful day out in Tenby during our recent holiday in Pembrokeshire Wales