I know that I have shared lots of photos from our holiday at Bluestone on social media last week but today it’s time for, Part One at least, of our adventures are Bluestone in Pembrokeshire, Wales. There was simply so much to do and there is so much to write about that I will be splitting my review up over a few posts. The week before last I had a wonderful and very surprising email asking me if I would like to spend 4 nights at Bluestone – from the 11th April to the 15th April. I was over the moon – though the short notice meant a quick phone call to my husband to check that he could actually get the time off work!

Bluestone Adventures - Part 1 - the first of my posts about our recent holiday at Bluestone in Wales

Luck was on our side though, and so we spent the rest of the week planning, packing and headed off on a rainy Monday morning for a long car journey.  Boo is not very good in the car – well she hasn’t been up until now – but I have to say that she was amazing both on the way there and on the way back It took us about 5 hours to get there on Monday – traffic wasn’t too bad – we had a couple of traffic jams, a couple of tractors and lots and lots of torrential rain!

It was exciting for me, as I have never actually been to Wales before – and I managed to get a blurred snap of the Welcome to Wales sign as we drove through the rain. We had a couple of stops, in the rain, and we spent a lot of the journey hoping that this wasn’t going to be a sign of the weather for our holiday!

But as we got to Pembrokeshire – the rain stopped and the clouds disappeared and we had blue skies for the last part of our drive and our arrival at Bluestone! And as it turns out – it was the glorious sunshine and warm weather that stayed with us for the whole holiday (right up until we were half way home!)

Bluestone Adventures - Bluestone Park

Checking in was easy and quick and everything was waiting for us at the gate (including the WiFi codes we ordered for the faster WiFi as both my husband and I were determined to find some time to play World of Warcraft whilst were were on holiday in the evenings once Boo had gone to bed! And I have to say the WiFi was great – it was super easy to set up and was perfect for what we needed for the whole holiday- there was just one evening where it went spotty for about 30 minutes)

But I digress… We were given our map and our key cards and headed off in the car for a slow drive round Bluestone to find our home for the next few days. It was about 4.30pm when we arrived, which is check in time and – though you can arrive earlier in the day if you want to and enjoy all the facilities of the site.  We were planning on arriving a little earlier than that but with the bit of traffic and packing not going as smoothly as we had planned we were a little late setting off!

Bluestone Adventures - Lodge Outside

When we arrived at our lodge (we were towards the ‘back’ of the site – which was prefect for us as it was lovely and quiet up there) we were so impressed. Not only by the setting but everything about the lodge.  The layout, the furnishings, the space, the storage – it was fantastic. We stayed in a Ramsey Lodge – which features ‘upside down living’ so the two bedrooms, one double and one twin, and the two ensuite bathroom were on the ground floor and the living area was upstairs. There was plenty of space, and I think that even with two adults and two older children it would be enough space that you wouldn’t feel in each others pockets.

Bluestone Adventures - Ground Floor

I have never stayed in a ‘upside down’ place but it was great – there were stair gates at the top and bottom of the stairs so that was one less thing to worry about and so Boo could run free and we could keep the windows open and there was no feeling of being over looked when were sitting eating, or playing with Boo and the millions of toys she had decided were essential for the holiday.

I have to say when we arrived one of the first things we did – after we had dumped the suitcases and bags in the bedrooms was have a look around our lodge.  At the fridge, oven, and all the things in the cupboards.  There was enough cutlery and plates etc and most importantly – they were all clean! The dishwasher was fab – we don’t have one at home – so that felt like a definitely holiday luxury.

We used the oven a few times over the course of our stay and it was perfect for cooking crispy pizzas! The fridge was big enough for what we needed and had a little freezer box at the top – though that was something that we didn’t use.Bluestone Adventures - Lodge First Floor

The living space was just great, we moved the dining table a little and one of the sofas so Boo had a great big space in front of a big window to play in.  There was a TV and a DVD player but we didn’t have much time for either of those – as there was just so much to do! We had booked some activities, such as a Bug Hunt for Boo before we even arrived but the indoor and outdoor play areas – which are included in the cost of the stay were amazing and I will be sharing more about them in Part Two of our Bluestone Adventures.

Bluestone Adventures - Views from First Floor

Bluestone Adventures - Part 1 - the first of my posts about our recent holiday at Bluestone in Pembrokeshire Wales

For us this holiday to Bluestone, was a holiday of firsts for us… Boo and I had never been to Wales before so it was our first trip there. And my husband, Boo and I had never been on a family holiday – just the three of us before.  So it was all new and it was all exciting –  and as excited as we all got in those few days between the email and arriving in sunny Pembrokeshire – Bluestone was everything we could have imagine, and more!

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We were invited to stay at Bluestone Wales free of charge, however all thoughts and words are my own.