More of our Bluestone Adventures today! If you have missed my earlier posts you can read them here –  Part One and Part Two. I have talked about the Lodge and I covered some of the fantastic things you can do at Bluestone on the site. But what I haven’t yet covered is the prebooked activities you can do at Bluestone and I would also like to share my thoughts on the food we had during our stay.

Bluestone Adventures 3 - sharing our experience of the Bluestone Activities - what we got up to and what where we ate

There are so many activities available – I would definitely recommend having a look and booking things before you go – not only so that you don’t miss out on places but also so that you can fit as much in as possible! The Bluestone website has the full list of activities available and we were also given a paper copy of the activities available during our stay.

It’s easy to book the activities, and any meals out, on the website before you arrive. Pick a day of your holiday from the dropdown and the site lists all of the available activities which can then be sorted by type and age.  We booked a meal out at The Farmhouse Grill and a Bug Hunt for Boo to go on.

The Bug Hunt
This was an hour long Bug Hunting adventure at Camp Smokey – which cost £7 and I think was great value for money.  Getting to Camp Smokey was a bit nerve-wracking as I am not the biggest fan of heights and it was down a long, zigzaggy board walk down the side of a steep ravine. It was worth it though as the views down there were amazing and the bug hunt was so much fun.

Bluestone Adventures 3 Bug Hunt

Each child was given a little pot and we were guided around the forest to look for bugs and see what we could find.  The lady who ran our walk was engaging and knowledgeable and even remembered all of the children’s names! Boo had lots of fun and filled a pot with bugs – which we then released at the end of the hunt.  I would definitely recommend this – especially if you have any little bug enthusiasts in your family!

Camp Smokey looked fab and I wish we had had more time to spend there, there was an open fire for roasting marshmallows and there was food available from lunch time too. There were lots of activities based at Camp Smokey which looked like lots of fun – especially for older children.

Huwie and the Magic Seeds Show
Whilst we were staying at Bluestone I was asked if we would like to attend the Huwie and the Magic Seeds Show – or rather if Boo would like to go as it was more for her! The show lasted about an hour and normally tickets are £5 per child.  I was a bit worried about the show – as Boo is not one for sitting still for very long but I didn’t have to worry. Boo sat on our knees and watched it, and got involved and even went up at the end to have her photo taken with Huwie and Leaf.

Bluestone Adventures 3 - Huwie and the Magic Seeds show

The show was great – and I think it would be the perfect activity for children a little older than Boo – so many 3 or 4.  The show had the children helping Leaf and Huwie to grow a flower – so it was educational as well as fun. The cast were great – and dealt with a minor technical malfunction really well and there were even some laughs thrown in for the grown ups!

The Wildwood Cafe
The Wildwood Cafe is in the Adventure Centre so it’s a great place to grab lunch – as you don’t have to go too far and then you can head back to play and have some more fun.  It’s a great set up – and The Nest table which we sat at was awesome.  We even met Lola Ladybird whilst we were there who is a friend of Huwie.

We were at the Wildwood Cafe for lunch, we headed there from the Circus Room with Zena, Kaz and Princess, Pudding and Ickle Pickle.  The Nest table was easily big enough for all of us and the set up meant that tiny people were walled in by adults and couldn’t escape (which is always handy!) My husband and I had Nachos and Boo had Chicken Goujons, the food came quickly and was lovely. Though obviously I would never make it as a food blogger as I had eaten mine before I even though about taking a photo!

If you are staying at Bluestone I would definitely recommend the Wildwood Cafe for lunch – and you don’t need to prebook

The Farmhouse Grill
We booked to eat at the Farmhouse Grill before we arrived at Bluestone on the Thursday night – which was the last night of our stay. And as soon as we arrived on Monday night and took our first stroll to the Village I was glad we had – the smells emanating from The Farmhouse Grill were just out of this world.  So as you can imagine my husband and I had high expectations by the time Thursday evening rolled round. And it was nice to have something to look forward to for the end of our trip.

Bluestone Adventures 3 the Farmhouse Grill

I had a delicious burger, with extra bacon and cheese, Boo had a burger too and my husband had a Flat-Iron of Welsh Beef which came medium rare – and he wouldn’t stop raving about it – it was amazing apparently! And again I am clearly too greedy to be a food blogger and I ate my main before the thought of photos crossed my mine – but I did manage to get a photo of my fantastic pudding – crushed fudge, vanilla ice-cream and toffee sauce – divine!

The meal was great value – we each had mains and puddings and drinks and it came to just under £50, which I think is great value for money especially with the quality of the food and the amount of it! Service was fantastic and our food arrived in great time. Well Boo didn’t think so – it arrived too soon and she had to stop playing in the play area so she wasn’t a happy bunny until she had some of her food!

I would definitely recommend the Farmhouse Grill if you are looking for a place to eat whilst at Bluestone – the menu had a great range to choose from and we all enjoyed our meals.

Final Thoughts
I can honestly say that we all loved our holiday at Bluestone – it was magical – and as our first family holiday it’s set the bar very high and it will be tough to beat. Wales and Pembrokeshire are simply stunning and Bluestone is a fantastic place – there is so much to do

Bluestone Adventures 3 View 1

We were incredibly lucky with the weather but I know that even if we had had rainy days we would have still had an amazing time.

Bluestone Adventures 3 View Sky

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Bluestone Adventures 3 - sharing our experience of the Bluestone Activities - what we got up to and what where we ate during our holiday

We were invited to stay at Bluestone Wales free of charge, however all thoughts and words are my own.