I am carrying on with my review of our fantastic at Bluestone, in Pembrokshire, Wales – so if you missed Part One you can check it out here! I got as far as sharing my thoughts on the Ramsey Lodge we stayed in, in my post yesterday – and today is all about the amazing stuff you can get up to at Bluestone without having to leave the site! (Though I have to say Pembrokeshire is a truly beautiful place – and there are lots of amazing places to visit near to Bluestone too!)

Bluestone Adventures 1 - The Village and things to do - everything that we got up to whilst we were at Bluestone

Bluestone Village
First things first…Bluestone is a great size, it’s big enough to feel like you are in your own little holiday world but small enough that you don’t feel lost in it.. The site is fairly hilly so walking around is a great workout but there are buggies available for hire if you want to be more relaxed.  The lodges are arranged in to colour coded groupings (which makes following the map very easy) and they fan out around the central village – which has shops and the booking office, restaurants, a coffee shop (which also sold delicious icecream) a village hall for shows (more about one of those in Part Three) and some outdoor play areas for the children.

Bluestone Adventures 2 - The Village and the willow snake

The outdoor play areas – they are amazing – there is a wooden play area in the heart of Bluestone in the Village – it’s wonderful and with the glorious sunshine we had while we were there it was easy to spend lots of time there. It was full but never overcrowded and Boo loved both the bigger play area and the smaller one designed for under 6’s.  They were both great but I think the under 6’s one could have done with a couple more things in it – just to make it as awesome as the bigger one.

Bluestone Advenutres 2 View

The village shop was great – and it had pretty much everything you would need – and everything we forgot when we were doing our supermarket shop to bring with us! It’s well stocked and has a few bits that you don’t see elsewhere.  We went there several times during our stay and each time I managed to find something that was a little bit unusual and that I just had to try! There was a full shelf of baby essentials – such as nappies, Calpol and baby food/pouches.

The Blue Lagoon
Away from the central village there is, of course the Blue Lagoon which is a water park. The Blue Lagoon is open to Bluestone residents only in the mornings and to both non residents and residents in the afternoon. We actually visited in the afternoon and I expected it to be too busy – but it wasn’t. It was great – there were other people about – and a nice fun atmosphere but the queues for the slides weren’t too long, and the swimming pool and play areas weren’t over full. The changing rooms were nice and clean and there were lots of family cubicles as we didn’t have to wait – and lots of lockers too. The temperature of both the Blue Lagoon itself and the water was perfect – which I think is especially useful when you have little ones, the air was lovely and warm thanks to the big glass ceiling.

Bluestone 2 - Swimming

I have to say that the best part for me was the Lazy River as Boo and I could just float around pulled by the flow of the water. My husband loved the slides.  There was a small shallow pool – separate from the main pool for babies and younger toddlers – which was great – it has little pools for them to play in and some toys. The only thing I think that was missing from the Blue Lagoon is a couple of smaller water slides for toddlers – we have seen them at other water parks we have been too and they have always gone down well.

The Adventure Centre
Near the Blue Lagoon is the Adventure Centre – now I have saved the best bit til last with this post – as I have to say that this really was the highlight of Bluestone for us.  It was amazing. There is a larger play area for older children downstairs – which includes (and I am sure I have missed lots of things here) a climbing wall, a bouncy castle, indoor mini golf, lego, loads of space to climb and tons of slides. It was never ending!

Bluestone Adventures - The Adventure Centre - Bluestone Things to do

Upstairs in the adventure centre was the Wildwood Cafe – which served food and drinks and had a cosy space with lots of beanbags for watching TV. We ate lunch there on the Thursday which I will share more about in Part Three. And once you are through the Wildwood Cafe you get to the Circus Room.

The Circus Room – I think Boo fell in love at Bluestone – with The Circus Room – we spent two great afternoons in there  When we were headed back there for the second afternoon she was flagging on the walk over there – she had picked up a couple of sticks and was refusing to move! I showed her a photo of the Circus Room from the previous day and say ‘We are going back there now’ and she flung her sticks away and set off at a run yellling ‘yay, back there again!’ and we had trouble keeping up with her!

Bluestone Adventures 2 Circus Room

It’s a fantastic space for younger children to explore as you can see from my photos – it is big enough for them to have lots of space to really enjoy themselves but also it’s enclosed enough so that you can actually sit on the sofas and relax.. well for a little while until your help is required to build a tower!

Bluestone Adventures 2 - Circus Room - 1

The room is well stocked with all sorts of toys, including oversized lego blocks, a wonderful little rollercoaster car, slide, and soft play pit, and the building blocks for a very impressive obstacle course! We spent a wonderful hour in the Circus Room on the Thursday with the lovely Zena from Zena’s Suitcase and Kaz from Ickle Pickle (and of course their children) It was wonderful to have a good chat whilst all of the children played and had a whale of the time!

Bluestone Adventures 2 - Circus Room 2

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We were invited to stay at Bluestone Wales free of charge, however all thoughts and words are my own. 

Bluestone Adventures 1 - The Village and things to do - what we got up to whilst we were at Bluestone