This week I am feeling lucky, so that has got to be my word of the week. Lots of lovely things happened this week and I have a long Easter weekend with my husband to look forward to as well!! Super lucky me!!


Boo went over to Grandma’s house to play on Sunday afternoon so that we could get a major clean done of the house, and we got so much done in those couple of hours.  I feel lucky that we can ask my Mum to look after Boo when we need to (though I think both my Mum and Boo would say this doesn’t happen often enough!), lucky that Boo has so much fun over there and lucky that the hubby and I go so much done!  It’s been great we did a fair bit of rearranging in the living room and dining room (we bought some more furniture too), and did a major sort out in the kitchen.  It’s just been so nice to have a tidy house and i’s just lifted my mood.

Boo and I went swimming for the first time yesterday and it was amazing, Boo had such a great time and it reminded me how lucky I am that I can spend my days with Boo going swimming and running about at the park and all sorts of other fun things!  I get to be the one who takes her to things for the first time, witnesses the wonder in her eyes.

I also won a lovely Easter Hamper from Caroline at Becoming a Stay at Home Mum last week end, which arrived yesterday and it is amazing! I cannot believe how much stuff is in there! It’s going to keep Boo and I going for many Easters to come!

word of the week lucky

And yesterday I also found out that I had won another competition over with Vicky at Honest Mum – a hamper of baby clothes from The Essential One.

I am feeling really lucky and I am going to buy a lottery ticket today!!

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