Ah it’s that time again, in fact it feels like the first year of Boo’s life has been nothing but teething! (I am sure it only feels that way) At the minutes though we have all four the front molars through but still growing, and we have the fangs on their way through the gums.


So teeth have been on my mind a lot this week, Boo is constantly chewing on everything that she can get her hands on, including my hands (owww!) I feel really bad that there is not more that I can do to help Boo, most days this week she has woken from her afternoon nap with glowing bright red cheeks, (she always seems to suffer worst late afternoon and evening with then)

We have also had a milestone this week, in that we had Boo’s first trip to the dentist, they had a quick look in her mouth and she got a sticker… which she they proceeded to eat! I also had a checkup which was fine (thank crunchy – I hate going to the dentist, have done ever since we had a horrible dentist when I was a child).  I am desperate for Boo not to feel anxious about the dentist so I had to be a brave mummy.

On other less teeth related fronts this week had been a fairly quiet one.  At the weekend we went to the Baby and Toddler show at Manchester which was a lovely day out and Sunday was a relaxed day.  Monday Boo and I went to a lovely singing and dancing group, and now that she is a bit older and has been lots Boo knows whats going on and runs up to the lovely ladies who run the group to get the toys/props and then cheers at the end of each song and rushes back to hand the toys/props in.  I am so proud and happy when I see her like that, she is one outgoing bossy little lady… proud mummy!!

We have also been spending time out in the garden now that the weather is nicer, Boo has a passion for collecting and piling up rocks (move over Makka Pakka!) and we saw a lovely bright snail, and have been to a free Bounce and Rhyme session at our local library and made a mess making Grandma’s Mother’s Day Card.  Paint everywhere including all over my jeans! Not sure how that happened but Boo had a tremendous amount of fun!!

All in all a fun, if tooth filled week!

The Reading Residence