This week my word of the week has got to be Busy! It’s been a good week – and it’s gone really fast but I just feel like I have had a lot to do (what with moving next week) though I also feel like I have got a lot done.

WOTW Busy - This week my word of the week is busy Lots done, but also lots to do!

For the weekend I hope we can get most of the packing done and also get a bit of relaxing in as well (and if Boo is reading this – a lie in would be nice!).

My parents have been off work as they are getting some things done around their house – so we have seen lots of them in the week. This has been really nice and I know Boo has enjoyed spending more time than usual with her grandma and grandad.

We have been to The Wolseley Centre, where we fed the ducks (and an overfriendly swan!) and we have been to our local park and spend time with friends as well.  I have also sorted out no end of things (there is so much to do when moving – my to do list just keeps growing no matter how many items I manage to tick off!). There are so many places I need to change my address with and so much I want to get done once we move.

My husband has next week off work for the move so I am really looking forward to it and I am hoping that we get a day to go out as a family and do something exciting for Boo (not just spend the whole week moving and tidying!).

On the blog I have enjoyed sharing an amazing video of Boo reading to me which I just love.  It might be my favourite video of Boo to date!

I have also had a lot of smile about this week – It’s so nice to spent time thinking about what has made me happy this week – and it really does make me realise (and appreciate how much I do have to smile about!)

Next week I would like to get my to do list down to a manageable level (or at least on one page of my notebook!)

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