It’s been a busy but lovely week, and I can’t believe it’s Friday already! It’s been one of those weeks where I haven’t even remembered what day it is some days! We have had a great week and got lots done but I am looking forward to a bit of a relaxing weekend.

Cuddles - this week has been a lovely but busy week, filled with cuddles as Boo has decided that this week she likes cuddles

Boo has decided that this week she love cuddles, she keeps running up and hugging up and will climb on to us when we are sat down and cuddle us and say ‘awwwww’ which is really cute. And really lovely as recently she has been too busy exploring to want cuddles! So my word of the week has to be cuddles.

Last weekend I had another driving lesson – they are going well but I am still not really happy driving. I get too nervous and I am still dreading my lessons in the hour or so before I have to go.  But I am hoping things will so get a bit easier.

Sunday we went over to my parents for tea, and my brother, his wife and their baby were there. It was really nice to spend a lovely afternoon as a family. Though Boo choose that day to only nap for 40 minutes so she was a little tired towards the end!

This week Boo and I have made a start on our Halloween crafts (I will be posting about this next week) and we have been collection some leaves for a picture we are going to make.  We went on a really long walk yesterday to enjoy the sunny morning we had and I got some lovely photos of Boo.

I have shared 10 things I want to do with Boo this autumn which is a kind of bucket list of autumny and Christmassy things – we can already tick off a couple but I am still yet to find any conkers!

I am running a competition for a bundle of cleaning products and shared 7 thrifty home hacks from Bissell Nothing like an autumn clean!

Boo and I have also shared our review of the wonderful Scuttlebug which Boo has been using all summer after we bought her one so that she could use it out in the garden.

This weekend I am looking forward to trying out more slow cooker cooking, spending another Sunday afternoon with my parents, and enjoying Saturday (once I have finished my driving lesson).

Which word best sums up your week?


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