This week we have had another nice relaxing week, all in all a lovely week, and Boo has been very huggy this week, hence my word of the week being .  Boo is usually a bit stingy with her hugs and kisses as she is too busy exploring and doing her own thing, but this week she seems to really enjoy giving my husband and I lots of hugs.

Word of the Week - Hugs. The word which best sums up our week has got to be hugs...

We went to The Baby Show at the NEC in Birmingham which was lots of fun and we had a great time and got lots of lovely freebies.  I am in the process of writing a post about and will share it over the weekend.  I also treated myself to some new nursing bras, which are very lovely and arrived in the post the day before yesterday!

Sunday we spent having a nice quiet day and did a bit of shopping, we had to take Boo on the escalator about 5 times because she loves going on them!

Monday we had a lovely time splashing in the puddles and walking in the rain, Boo had fun and it was so cute to see her stamping about in her wellies and waterproofs.

On Tuesday we went to a new soft play place and Boo had a whale of a time.  Boo loves slides! And I mean she really loves slides.  I cannot believe how much fun Boo had nor how quickly she learnt to climb up to the top of the slide and then shuffle round and go down on her belly. I think she would have just done that over and over all day if we hadn’t had to leave!


I know this photo is a bit blurred but Boo was up these stairs like a shot! I can’t wait to visit this place again, it was so fantastic.

Wednesday we went to the library for the free weekly Bounce and Rhyme session, Boo spent most of it running around the library but the moment she hear the start of ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ she ran, and I mean literally ran over the the rest of the group and started stamping as hard as she could, I guess that is her new favourite song!

Thursday we had a day in the garden as the weather was nicer than it has been all week, which made a change.  We decorated the garden with chalk and played with her sand table. We did take it easy as Boo has developed a cold and a temperature since Wednesday evening and really isn’t feeling her best.  Maybe that is why we are getting more cuddles than normal, and whilst I don’t want her to be ill, I do love the extra hugs!

Fingers crossed the snotty nose and the temperature will have vanished by the time she wakes up in the morning (today)!! I have not planned anything for the weekend in case Boo isn’t feeling any better but hopefully she will be better and we can do some fun things over the bank holiday weekend.


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