This week I have to say has been very much up and down, it’s had it’s up and it’s had it’s way way downs.  So unfortunately I am going to have to say this week my word of the week is shocking.

This week my Word of the Week has got to be ...  Shocking

The bank holiday weekend was a quiet one and we had fun at the Chase, visiting The Gruffalo which was nice and Boo had a great time exploring the fairy village carved in to the trees and seeing The Gruffalo. It’s amazing how much Boo has changed since the last time we were there in August. (and how much more hair she has! Every time I look at a photo of Boo from when she was under a year old I am always shocked at how little hair she had!)  She was so interested in exploring everything on her own and in all the dogs that were being walked.  It was crazily busy as it was a sunny bank holiday Monday though.

Then and Now cannock chase

Tuesday evening was a bit of a shock after a received an email which I can only describe as the stuff of nightmares.  I don’t wait to even think about it anymore but you can read about it here.

Wednesday was quiet day we spent a lot of the day with my mum which was lovely.  Thursday was quiet too though we did, of course, pop out to vote and to do a bit of shopping.  I also received a phone call from my father’s mother to let me know that my father has disappeared off to Thailand again, and will, in all likelihood, miss the birth of my nephew who is due in July.  He missed my wedding and Boo’s birth too so I don’t know why I am surprised. I am just sad and disappointed that he didn’t even tell my brother and I that he was going, and I hope my brother is not too upset about the fact our father will miss out on my nephew’s birth.

We have swimming planned for this afternoon so fingers crossed we have lots of fun there! I am hoping the weekend will be better and I am looking forward to spending some time with Boo and my husband doing nice happy things and switching my brain off for a while!

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