This week has been a strange week.  Lots of ups and downs and I am hoping that we can have a relaxing, long weekend to make up for it. It’s been a bit of a tiring week and with lots of early starts due to Boo suffering with both teething and her acid reflux – I could definitely do with a lie in over the weekend!  Technically I know that I am cheating and this is not one word but I couldn’t really describe this week any other way… so my word of the week has to be Up and Down.

WOTW - Up and Down - this week has definitely been one of those up and down weeks and I know I am cheating as technically it's not one word but nothing sums my week up better...

At the weekend we found out that all the paperwork has gone through for us to rent a house we had seen that we like – it is about as perfect a house as we could hope to find to rent so we have been very lucky there and

it was a tense time waiting for everything to go through – I knew there was going to be no problems but I can’t celebrate properly until everything is done! We will be moving in the middle of September which is very exciting and I have been looking for ideas to decorate Boo’s new room (as it will obviously be the first one we decorate)

And over the weekend I also had my first driving lesson in about 5 years which was really nerve wracking but actually went better than I expected so maybe I will learn to drive (or be very nearly there by the time I turn 30 in November. Fingers (and toes crossed).

Boo and I went with my mum to the Wolseley Centre this week, we fed the ducks and bought my step dad some presents for his birthday which is at the weekend.  Though as the weather really has been up and down too it’s been hard to plan things and it’s made me realise more than ever that learning to drive is going to be a great thing for Boo and I.

WOTW - Up and Down

I have been stressed with keeping the house immaculate at all times in case someone wants to come and visit – but I am going to be a bit more relaxed after we have had several visits arranged who didn’t turn up – and it’s not the end of the world if there are a couple of cups on the side that need a wash if someone comes to looks round.  I need to remember we still live in this house!

Boo has also been struggling with her acid reflux this week, her symptoms were the worst they had been in months and I am waiting for a call back from the dietitian and I have taken her to the drs this week as well.

She has also learnt that if she stands on her tiptoes (and sticks her tongue out) she can reach the doorhandles and pull them down and open the door… nowhere is safe now – and she can run really really fast!!

I have had lots of new ideas for new topics I want to blog about, one – not surprisingly – being decorating our new house – and there are other areas too which will be coming up – so I am branching out! I hope that everyone enjoys reading about my new direction along side my normal posts as much as I am enjoying blogging about them.

I feel like I haven’t been able to sit still for 5 minutes this week both life and on the blog side of things have been busier than normal – so this week has definitely been a up and down

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