This week my word of the week has got to be Weight.  I have known for a while now that my weight was creeping up – but I don’t make a habit of weighing myself regularly because it just tends to make me feel bad.  I bit the bullet and weighed myself for the first time in ages, and I have to say the overwhelming feeling was one of horror! I am now at the heaviest I have ever been!

Word of the Week -Weight - Sadly after last weeks Fun and the week before's Motivation this week's word of the week is weight

I don’t know why I am surprised even as the weather got warmer and with all the intentions to do more and get out more (which I have been doing) it seems I haven’t been doing enough and I have been having a few too many treats!

In my own mind the fact that I am breastfeeding Boo has justified to myself why I shouldn’t go on a diet, but I know deep down that that is an excuse.  And I am starting to feel more and more uncomfortable as my clothes get tighter.  I am hoping to make the change now as I don’t want to have too much weight to lose, easier to lose a bit now and get into good habits than carry on like this and have a bigger task ahead of me.

I am still trying to decide what my exact plan is going to be, I am not to be too strict with myself as in the past that approach has not worked and only caused problems. So watch this space for some hopefully positive news!

But enough of that, we have had a quiet week relaxing to try to get the house back to normal after the boys visited, and Boo is poorly but I am hoping the antibiotics kick in soon.  She is teething again which is just adding to her being a grumpy bum!

We have been out and about to friends and the park and we have been waiting excitedly for my nephew to arrive.  He is due this week but has decided like Boo that he is going to be late! I can’t wait for those snuggly newborn cuddles.  I have written about the things I am looking forward to when I become an auntie

So hopefully next week I will writing about all of the time we have spent with my new nephew!

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