I would be lying if I said I was currently writing my first novel but I guess I am writing my first novel which I will share with anyone else – so I guess that’s progress. My brain has been on fire over the past few months with ideas about this world it has created and I can’t seem to stop thinking about it.

Random WIP Update 1 - notepad and pencil

For my writing is a rather solitary thing, it’s something I do and then never share, I have loads of writing which stretches back decades (I am feeling really old right about now) but which I have never shared. I don’t know what has made me change my opinion on my writing but I have started to realise that I would be sad if I never got to share my writing, my creations, with anyone. Of course there was the standard creative writing which was shared as part of my English degree but that was written with a very singular purpose in mind. Nothing like the writing I have created on my own.

This novel, however is different, even from the first ideas I realised that this would be something I would want to share. It feels like a good idea, it makes me feel excited and I hope, in time it will make other people excited to read it too. I am hoping that by sharing random updates it might help me carry on the wave of energy I am currently feeling. Though I will admit it can be tough going when some days typing and writing are incredibly painful.

But I am soldiering on, slowly but still getting there and most days I have something to add to the word count and every day there is something I add to my notebooks. As it stands I have two full notebooks of research and other bits and bobs and some shorter sections of my first draft and across various documents on my laptop I have about 30,000 words. What’s more (and what is a first for me) is that I have the outline of the book plotted out (as well as a plan of where another two books could potentially go) – I told you – I am feeling very ambitious and energised about this project – It’s almost like a compulsion – I feel like I have to get this idea out in to the world.

I hope that my next update will be filled with the same positivity as this one (and hopefully I will have an even bigger wordcount to share!

Thanks for reading,

Jenni x