We love being outdoors as a family and we are always going for long walks – we are very lucky where we live and there are lots of incredible places to explore. I practically live in walking boots – so when I was asked if I would like to review some walking boots from Hi-Tec I jumped at the chance!

Women's Walking Boots from Hi Tec Review - sharing my thoughts on some wonderful hiking boots from Hi Tec

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We have done so many fun things this week but I haven’t taken as many photos this week – which is strange for me, but I did find a lovely set of photos I took of Boo when we were attempting to grow some cress. She seemed very impressed by the whole process though she was convinced the seeds were sleeping and so we all had to be quiet whenever we were in the kitchen until sprouted.

She will now also tell anyone that will listen that plants eat sunshine – I am hoping she is better with plants than I am – as we have some sunflower seeds that need planting too!

She loves being out in the garden and planting things with her daddy, and with her grandad too – she had a fab time digging up carrots a few months back too.

I really love this photo as she looks so proud I just wish I hadn’t cut half of her head out of it!

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” Kahlil Gibran,

Living Arrows 21 - Boo and her cress seeds!

Living Arrows

Boo loves drawing pictures and then telling me all about them. I can sometimes see, vaguely, what she has drawn and other times I am at a complete loss. I am sure I will get better at recognising what she has drawn.  I love seeing her create something, she has such a serious concentrating face with her little tongue sticking out, and I love listening to her telling me about her drawings too. Her favourite things to draw at the minute are pirates and robots (I wonder when she will decide to have a go at drawing a pirate robot?)

Today, for example, we have been drawing trees and flowers – and I am very impressed by Boo’s tree drawing skills – though what she likes best to colour in the pictures that I draw (usually so I can’t see them anymore!) I am sure she is going to be drawing recognisable people in no time – and I can’t wait for a portrait of me!

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I love reading blogs, I think it’s one of the best things about being part of the blogging world – I read more blogs now than I have ever. And there are so many incredible people out there blogging, truly inspirational people. So today I thought I would share five incredible, inspirational posts that I have read recently.

5 inspirational blog posts - sharing 5 incredible, must read blog posts I have read recently

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