I am not a very arty person, as I have said in the past the limit of my artistic talents is drawing chalk flowers in the garden with Boo. But I am determined to try new things, and crafts with Boo so that she can learn to love doing them.

Halloween Crafts Paper Plate Ghosts - thought we would make an easy start to our Halloween crafts...

In the summer we made paper plate flowers which worked really well and she had lots of fun doing them. So I figured I would do something along a similar vein, that was a bit different to the usual paint/wax crayon and glitter messes we normally make and get in the Halloween spirit and make some ghosts.

I loved making these with Boo as she could create them almost entirely herself, which made both of us feel really proud!

To start with we got out the paper plates and the black paint.  We made faces on the paper plates in the paint and then left it to dry.  Boo was busy painting the table, her own hands and anything else in reach. I did convince her to paint one face on a ‘ghost’ though.

I did a few faces on the paper plates too, after Boo got bored (my artistic talents know no bounds!) and Boo was very impressed, (I am going to enjoy this while it lasts as I am sure my talents are not going to remain impressive for very long!)

Halloween Crafts Paper Plate Ghosts 2

The next day once all the paint was dried on the plates we then started to glue the little tissue paper trails for the ghosts. Boo had even more fun with the glue than the black paint.  One at a time Boo glued the back of the paper plate and stuck the white tissue paper strips I had cut.

Halloween Crafts Paper Plate Ghosts 1

We stuck 3 or 4 one each of the ghosts and then we hung them up to dry.  And we were done all ready for Halloween.  We have started on our next Halloween project which is a little more adventurous, can’t wait to share it.

What crafts have you been doing/have you got planned for Halloween?