As we have been getting in to the Halloween spirit and doing lots of crafts I thought I would share some of our ideas. Boo is 22 months old so our craft options have to be on the simple side (and I have no great crafty skills so I need to learn too!) So here are our Simple Halloween Crafts Ideas for Toddlers…

Super Simple Halloween Craft Ideas for Toddlers - a few really easy Halloween themed crafts ideas for toddlers

I have already shared our glass jar lanterns which were really simple to do – and also helped Boo to learn about parts of the face. These are going to sit in our window along with our pumpkins for Halloween weekend. I am really impressed by the colours when the are illuminated.

Halloween Crafts Glass Jar Lanterns

We have also made some paper plate ghosts – which were fun and easy to do and I actually think that Boo’s ghost looks the scariest!

Halloween Crafts Paper Plate Ghosts

Other things we have done this Halloween have been making monster faces on both tissue paper and card- we had lots of fun making these faces, though Boo loved to paint arms and hands with glue the most! Cutting out the shapes and then asking Boo ‘where the eyes go’ etc.  She really enjoyed making these faces and I think they look great! (even if all the teeth didn’t make it in to the mouth)

Halloween Crafts Faces

We have also made some hand print spiders – which were very messy – they looked really cute when Boo did them – (my hand print spiders not so much!)

Super Simple Halloween Craft Ideas for Toddlers 1

It’s been lots of fun as Boo can make these things and I can learn to do crafts too as I am completely new to all of these. Before Boo arrived the last time I had painted was when I was in school! It’s great fun though and I think I have almost as much fun as Boo does!

I can’t wait to do more Halloween Crafts next year – I have been pinning lots of thing to my Halloween Pinterest Board for inspiration.  And we still have the pumpkin to carve (and I really REALLY need to finish Boo’s Halloween costume).

Have you done any Halloween Crafts?