Boo and I went on an adventure today… a spooky adventure. The Halloween Horror walk on Cannock Chase.  It was a great way to spend the morning. We had perfect Halloween weather as it was a little big foggy this morning!Halloween Horrors Walk - Boo and I had a wonderful morning exploring the woods on a spooky walk

The Hallloween Horrors walk started at 10.30am and after a short walk to where we could carve our pumpkins we headed out on our spooky walk in the woods.  Boo had a fantastic time and we both got covered in mud.

We found some monsters, some spiders and some bats and we also took part in a blindfolded walk.  Boo loved the monsters – she even started to pick one of their noses (which was ok as they were just masks but shhh don’t tell Boo!)

Halloween Horrors Walk 1

We also had to find several things in the woods to do some spooky crafting too… sycamore leaves to make ghosts, stones to make eyeballs and pine cones to make a monster.  We haven’t done these crafts yet as Boo needed a nap when we got home. But we made sure got all of the things we needed as we wandered around.

Halloween Horrors Walk 2

At the end of the trail (we did the shorter of the two walks as Boo was getting a little tired) Boo got to dip her hand in to some goo (custard) and got a Halloween treat! We crawled through spider webs, and fell over in the mud – well that was mainly Boo)

There were lots of activities to do – if your brought your own pumpkin you could sit and carve it, and we were given a little bag with the craft instructions in and some googly eyes and some air drying clay so that we can make our monster.


There was a competition to guess how many sweets there were in a jar and Boo won! Which was very lucky – I think she is going to be kind and share her prize with me though.  As it is in half term the activities were for school children as well as younger children but I think that Boo will get even more out of this next year and we will risk the longer walk! It was such a great morning we will definitely be going next year.